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About EA

Eternal Asia , Builder of O2O Supply Chain Bussiness Ecosystem

彩运8彩票Eternal Asia Supply Chain Co., Ltd. is the first listed supply chain enterprise in China (stock code: 002183), for six consecutive years on the list of "Fortune" "China's top 500",professional undertaking non-core business outsourcing.

Eternal Asia lead to build O2O supply chain business ecosystem, and established five major service platforms by focusing on consumes:B2B/O2O Sourcing/ Distribution platform, B2B/O2O retail platform, O2O financial services platform, O2O terminal marketing platform, O2O value-added services platform.

彩运8彩票It by connects brand enterprises, logistic service providers, finacial institututions, value-added service providers and various groups, endeavoring to create a business ecosystem so as to help all paricipants in ecosystem integrate, share the platform and co-exist in prosperity. 


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